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Down in Texas, about twenty years ago, Cousin Miles put a 
few Jalapeños on the BBQ, and we found out that 
Jalapeños are actually smoke magnets...

Thus began our search for the perfect " Texas Twister " (Smoked Jalapeño).  When asked if he had any plans for his new "invention", he said that he had other bigger dragons to slay and goals to pursue, (Imagine That!) and left the 
smoking to us.

Against Smokin' Dave's wife's (Dawn) better judgement, brother-in-law Uncle Dirk bought into the business for a brief stint.  Then about two years ago Smokin' Mike 
had his first taste of Smokin' Dave's products 
and termed the saying "The Best Stuff There Is".  

Mike and his wife Wanda and friends knew that this new flavor was destined to be a hit.  They donated many late nights, slicing, chopping, smoking and packing.  
Their assistance and hard work are greatly appreciated, and are the main reasons we have attained our present
success.  We will be reserving each of them an office in "Smokin' Dave's Towers".

Over the years Four-H-Farms products have won a variety of awards.


Our products are produced with two things in mind, to maintain their nutritional value, and enhance their flavor.  We have accomplished this by developing our proprietary smoking technique and our special pickling process.  

After 20 years of tweaking the process we have created 

a "Whole Nother Product"....

a "Whole New Taste Sensation"!

Our techniques have created what we believe to be 
the best products of their kind on the market.  

Please don't confuse our Texas Twisters with Chipotle.  

This would be like comparing a grape to a raisin, 
or a plum to a prune.  
There simply is no comparison.

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Texas Twisters (smoked jalapeños)

No...it is NOT Chipotle!!!




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